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Although sometime it may seem like a simple job, a garage door repair should always be done by a licensed and experienced garage door technician, since a garage door - which is not working in a perfect way - can be dangerous. So Please be careful!
A broken garage door, that need to be repaired, should not be used. If your garage door is broken (making noises, or doesn't work like it used to work), Stop using it, and to contact a garage door contractor to come and check the door. Not only that a broken garage door can be dangerous to the people who use it or come near it, using a broken garage door that need to be fixed can lead to a bigger damage to the door, and can put at risk everything and everyone that located near it.

What is wrong with Bravo Garage door?

No matter if it is a broken spring, an out of track garage door or a broken opener problem, it is dangerous to use a broken garage door. There are many problems that can lead to a broken or stuck garage door: from broken spring, to a torn cable, to sensors problem, to broken opener, to an out of track garage door, to broken pulley. But don't worry, a broken garage door doesn't usually mean that it is time to get a new garage door; It just mean that you need a garage door contractor to come and fix it.

DIY Garage door repairs?

Who repair overhead doors in Woodland Hills?

A professional garage door contractor can fix almost every garage door problem. Sometime the problem is due to lack of garage door maintenance, or simply that the garage door parts got old. The important thing is to locate the problem, and to understand the cause to it, so the problem won't happen again soon. Bravo Garage Door, specialize in all kinds of garage door repair in Los Angeles CA. From residential garage door repair, to maintenance, we can help. Each one of our garage doors techs is professional and experienced, and have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors repair and installation around Woodland Hills California. We listed below some of the common problems, which we see every day in our job. Again, this is only general information, and should not replace a professional opinion of a professional garage door tech that will come and inspect the door.

Spring Repair Woodland Hills

A common problem, that can stop a garage door from working, is a broken garage door spring. There are different kinds of springs, and each garage door need the right spring for it, in terms of size and weight. From torsion springs, to extension springs, a good garage door repairman can match the right spring for the door. If the spring of your garage door is broken, you must stop using the garage door!! If you will try to use the door again, not only that you will probably cause a bigger damage (you can easily break the opener), but you may also hurt yourself, or other people and objects around the garage door. There are many reasons that can lead to a broken garage door spring. But the most common reason is probably a lack of maintenance that people tend to neglect, until it is too late, and the garage door stop working.
From torsion springs, to extension springs, if you live in Woodland Hills, and Have a broken garage door spring, we can help. Just contact us, and get your garage door repaired today.

Torsion Springs

Garage Door Maintenance Woodland Hills

Although they are being used on a daily base, and in some cases many times during the day, Most people tend to neglect the garage door maintenance by simply ignoring it, hoping that the door continue to work. The truth is that every garage door should be provided with a garage door maintenance service at least every 6 months.
The weather in Woodland Hills not friendly to the garage door and to its parts, and a maintenance service can keep the parts of the door strong, and can improve the way your garage door will work. A garage door maintenance job is not a complicated job, and can usually be done (by a professional garage door supplier) within 25 minutes.
While maintaining the door, the technician can inspect the garage door and its parts, adjust the springs and the operator, and lubricate the parts. We offer free garage door maintenance for every garage door repair in Woodland Hills. Since our interest is not only in solving the problem, but we also want to make sure that we are leaving you with a garage door that will work perfectly for a long time.

Lift master opener Woodland Hills

Garage Door Opener Repair Woodland Hills

Every high quality garage door opener, which was correctly installed by a professional contractor, should work perfectly for years. Many times, a problem that seem to happen due to a problem with the garage door opener, turn out to be a problem from a different source (The springs, the remote, the sensors etc...).
But even a high quality garage door operator, that was correctly installed, can stop working after few years. Luckily, a broken garage door motor can be repaired or replaced, and the door will work again. All you need to do is to contact us, or any garage door contractor in Woodland Hills , to come to your place and fix the problem.
We repair garage door motors from all brands, and we carry with us accessories such as remotes, key-pads, push buttons and rails, which give us the ability to repair you opener on the spot, and get your door working again on the spot.
Need a new garage door Opener installation? Not sure if you need a new opener, or that your current opener can be fixed? We are here to help. Contact Bravo Garage Door, and we will gladly answer all your questions. With our same day garage door repair service in Woodland Hills, you can be sure that we will fix the problem today.

Out of track garage door Woodland Hills

Be careful!! An out of track garage door can be dangerous, and like any other garage door repair, should be done by a professional technician. An out of track garage door can happen due to many reasons: from mistakenly hitting the door with a car, to a broken or damaged part in the door. In case of out of track garage door, it is important - besides fixing the problem - to locate the cause that lead to the out of track problem, and by fixing it, to make sure the problem will not repeat.
Do not try to push the rollers back into the track, hoping it will solve the problem. An overhead door don’t just go out of its tracks! If you will try to push the door back into the tracks, you are risking with creating a bigger problem, and you also risking that when the problem will happen again (And it probably will if the door will not be repaired by a professional technician), that the door will completely fell of the tracks.

Torsion garage springh Woodland Hills

Out of Tracks Garage Door Repair Woodland Hills

Off track garage door is one of the most dangerous problems that can prevent a garage door in Woodland Hills from working properly. The reasons that can make an overhead door stop working and get stuck are many. And out of tracks garage door, whether it is a garage door in Woodland Hills, off track garage door in Los Angeles, or anywhere else is a dangerous situation. When the rollers (The wheels that connect the garage door to the tracks) jump out of the track, the door cannot, and shouldn’t be operated, until a garage door expert will put it back on the tracks. You may consider pushing the roller or the rollers back into the tracks, and not using a qualified garage door technician in Woodland Hills to do the repair, but that will be a mistake, since when garage door in Woodland Hills is out of tracks, there is a reason for that, and the reason should be taken care of before the door can be used again. If you will not address the issue, the overhead door can come out of tracks again, and the next time can be even more dangerous, since the overhead door can fall completely out of the tracks, and this is something you should avoid. When the door completely fall of tracks, it can hurt anything below it, and the door itself may break in a way that cannot be repaired. As we recommend any home owner, who need garage door service in Los Angeles, if there is something wrong with the door, stop using it, and contact a garage door company in Woodland Hills to fix the door.

Reasons for off tracks garage door

There are many reasons that can make a garage door in Woodland Hills jump outside of its tracks. But no matter what is the reason that made the door go out of the tracks, the important thing is to stop using the door and wait for a qualified overhead garage door technician in Woodland Hills to fix it. The reasons can change from one door to another, and from commercial garage door repair to residential garage door repair. What matter is that you will use a qualified garage door repairman for the repair, and that you will not try and force the door to open or close. Sometime the door may be completely stuck and sometime it can still be moved, but that doesn’t mean that you should try and move it.
Reason for out of tracks overhead door:

  1. Someone hit the door with the car: The garages in Woodland Hills are relatively small, and not once we receive calls from people who tried to exit the garage, and accidentally hit the door with the car. In that case the repair can be simple or complicated, it all depend on the amount of damage to the door. We know that it may seem simple to push the roller back into the tracks, thinking that the door will work again. But what you do not know is that doing so can be dangerous, and the best thing will be to call a garage door repairman in Woodland Hills to fix the door for you, make sure that it is safe for use again, and only then get back to use the door. As we said, trying to operate an off tracks overhead door is dangerous, since the garage door can fall completely out of tracks.
  2. There is a problem with the door mechanism: The garage doors in Los Angeles operate with spring system. It can be a garage door in Santa Clarita, or a garage door in Rochester. No matter what door you own, or where you are located, do not use a broken garage door. If your door suddenly jumped out of tracks, it may be to several reasons, like broken spring, snapped cable, or broken roller. The Important thing is to let people know that the door is not working, and that it should not be iperatied until it will be repaired.
  3. The roller is Broken: s we explained, the rollers are what connect the door to the tracks. And if you live in Woodland Hills, and you have been ignoring the need for garage door maintenance and lubrication like every garage door in LA County need, you probably going to need garage door repairs service in Woodland Hills. But even if you did maintained and lubricated your garage door in Woodland Hills on time. Some of the garage door parts, like the rollers and pulleys need to be replaced once in a while, no matter how much you lubricated them. And using the door although the rollers or rollers are broken will make the door jump out of tracks again and again. Whether it is a commercial overhead door repairs, residential garage door repair in Los Angeles County, or even garage door repair in Woodland Hills, do not use the door, and contact a local garage door company to come and fix the door for you.



Repair or replace the door?

Some garage door owners, and it can be owner of a broken garage door in Woodland Hills, or owner of a garage door in Fairfax, insist assume that repairing the existing garage door is necessarily the best decision.  Many times while servicing overhead doors in Woodland Hills, we are getting calls to service old garage door, which was installed 50 years ago, and not once more than that. Now let’s make it clear: Some people have sentimental values for the garage door they own in Woodland Hills, and they don’t want to even consider replacing the door, since it is important for them that the same door will remain installed. One time we had a customer for garage door repairs in Woodland Hills 9137, who had an old wooden garage door that the father built and installed more than 40 years ago. And that particular customer insisted that we will repair the door, no matter what the cost will be.
Even that repairing the door cost him as much as a completely new high quality garage door,  we repaired the door and renovate it, and by the end of the project (which we really enjoyed by the way), he had the same garage door, and it was working and looked as good as new.  And more important, the garage door was safe to use, like every garage door we service in Woodland Hills 91367 should be.
But this is one case out of many. Most people want to save money, and they are not sure what will be the right decision for them is. So we would like to make it clear and simple: Even if the door is repairable, fixing garage door in Woodland Hills isn’t always the cheapest decision.

Off tracks garage door Los Angeles

Repairing isn't always the cheapest choice! 

In most cases of overhead door in Woodland Hills that does not work, condition of the existing garage door is what help us determine if replacing the existing overhead garage door is going to be the best choice. If the all that the existing garage door need in order to work again is some adjustments, and replacing few parts, for sure you should keep the existing door, and not even considering to replace it. But if the garage door in Woodland Hills is rotten, have many broken parts (especially when it comes to broken garage door panels, tracks or the garage door frame), then maybe it is better for you to consider to replace the whole garage door.  A new overhead door will probably cost you less than it would cost you to repair the door, but if you look at it as an investment for many years since garage door in Woodland Hills installed by us can easily last for 40 years and more, you may find that repairing the current is the right choice for you. Not only that you will get a new garage door, but you also may save money that you would spend on a garage door that may break again soon. And in order to make sure that the door will last for many years, you need a professional garage door technician zip code 91367 to perform the installation.

Reasons to replace a garage door 

There are many possible reason that can lead to replace the existing garage door in Woodland Hills with a new one. One of the obvious reasons that lead to garage door replacement is cosmetics reasons. After being used for many years, and probably few times every day, the parts of the garage door can get rusted and rotten. Lack of maintenance can speed up the process of a garage door that can’t be used anymore. 
Another reason that can lead to the need to replace garage door in Woodland Hills, is a physical damage, such as hitting the garage door with a car, or any other force that lead to broken or bended garage door parts. Beside the fact that you will have a new garage door which is working perfectly, there are many additional reasons to install a new garage door:
It will improve the appearance of your home, you are going to get better insolation from the cold or warm weather, your garage door/House will have a better protection, and many other reason that can make you consider replacing your garage door in Woodland Hills instead of fixing the current door. 

New garage door

Garage opener repair or replace? 

If we are already answering the question if to repair or to replace your garage door in Woodland Hills, we should also pay attention to the opener of your garage door: Is it better to repair the opener, or to install a new garage opener in Woodland Hills. The answer is pretty similar to the question whether to repair or replace the garage door:  It all depend on the condition of the garage door opener, and the difference between repairing the garage opener, and replacing it with a new garage opener. Before we start answering the question, you should know that the garage opener that was installed at your garage 10 years ago, is not the same as the opener that will be installed in your garage today. The garage doors manufactures are always improving their system, and always coming up with new inventions that supposed to improve the way your garage door opener is working. Many times to repair the garage opener can cost more than to replace it with a new one, which in most cases will work better and will improve the quality of the garage door operating. But again, it all depend on what is wrong with the opener: is the belt or the chain is broken? Is the opener gear is damaged? Is the rail is twisted or disconnected? A fair answer can be supplied only after a garage door technician postal code 91367 who will come to your place and inspect the garage door opener. 

Garage Door Replacement and safety 

This may be the most important part of this article, since it is about garage door safety. It may be a stuck garage door in Woodland Hills California, or a broken garage door in Yonkers New York: No matter what the reason is, and no matter if you need to fix garage door in Woodland Hills, or if you need to replace it with a new one, a garage door with a problem, no matter what the problem is, can be dangerous! And should not be used before it will be inspected and repaired by a garage door expert in Los Angeles that will fix the problem, and make sure that the garage door is safe to use again. And if the problem is a broken spring, or out of track garage door, trying to use it can end with injuries, and will probably will increase the damage.
You may consider repairing the door by doing it yourself, like some home owners tried in the past and succeeded in some cases, and failed in others. There are some garage door repairs that can be done in DIY, and they include the basic repair like safety sensors repairs, lubrication and other minor repairs. And there are some repair that should be left for a qualified garage door technician in Woodland Hills.

Lift master wifi Woodland Hills

Bravo Garage Doors Woodland Hills

It is important to stop using the door, whenever you think that there may be something wrong with it. Do not ignore the problem, since based on our experience, it will only get bigger, something that will only cost you more money.
Do not neglect your garage door, and provide it with a maintenance service, that will protect the door and its parts, and that will make sure that the door will continue to work for many more years. If you want to avoid the need to call garage door technician in Woodland Hills every year, to fix your stuck garage door, lubricate the door, clean it, and make sure that there no broken parts. If you prefer to use a garage door technician instead of doing it yourself, call us and we will perform the maintenance for you.

Should I repair the door by myself?

The answer is yes you can, and no, you probably cannot. There are some problems that require certain knowledge and tools, and there are problems that require basic knowledge, and there are minor problems that all the knowledge they require is watching a Video on youtube. We cannot recommend when to do it yourself and when to use the help of a professional repairman. But we can tell you one thing: Never ignore the safety rules. Whether it is a garage door in Westchester New York, or an overhead door in Brooklyn, if you are not sure, ask. A garage door repair is not the place for trial and error, because here the error can mean serious injury. If you do decide to repair your garage door by yourself, there are few things you should know. Read this article about DIY Garage Door Repair.

Disclaimer: the above is not to replace a professional garage door technician opinion, and we always recommend to stop using the garage door if there seem to be something wrong with it, or if the door is making strange noises, that can indicate that there may be a problem.

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